Frequently Asked Questions

Managing your HR can be a tricky business… and we’re sure you have a lot of questions.

We’ve collected some of the ones we hear the most into one spot for you to make it easier for you!

Of course, if you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, just use the form to the right
and we’ll be happy to answer anything you want to know.

  • Do you come to our office, or do we have to come to you?

    We aren’t just your Go-To HR Provider, we are Chattanooga’s On-The-Go Provider.

    We realized early on that we couldn’t deliver the gamut of human resource services our clients wanted sitting behind a desk downtown.  Our team needed to be where your employees are.

    So we got rid of our brick and mortar office and took our show on road.  Every client of ours gets face-to-face concierge service.

  • How do HR Consultants help me stay compliant with regulations?

    There are a lot of federal and state rules and regulations that companies of all sizes have to follow.  In general, the more employees you have, the more rules you have to follow, and the heftier the fines are if you fail to comply.

    HR Consultants – like our team here at EBS – are constantly staying on top of those rules.  We are required to earn continuing education credits on an annual basis in order to maintain our professional certifications.

    It’s our business to know, and to know how to apply those rules to you.  It’s what we do.  Just like running your business is what you do best.

    By allowing us to take over the responsibility for know what you need to do to get and stay compliant and helping you do it, you free yourself up to get back to running your business.

  • How do I know if I need help with HR?

    Everybody’s needs are a little different.  We work with a wide variety of companies, from just a couple of employees up to thousands.  Some have internal HR staff on-site already, others don’t have anyone trained in HR in their company at all.

    Some key indicators that you might need to look at getting some help though, are:

    • You feel like you are spending more time setting policies and dealing with employees than you spend running your company
    • You have staff (like an office manager) that’s not trained in HR tasks performing HR duties
    • You worry whether or not you are meeting state and federal regulations
    • You know your company is growing – and that means you’re supposed to have things like New Employee Handbooks, but you don’t know where to start
    • You are concerned about all the changes to the Affordable Care Act and how they affect you
    • You pay high amounts in employee insurance claims
    • Your employees are filing harassment claims
    • You don’t have a process to screen, hire, & onboard new employees
    • You don’t have a formalize complaint process in place for employees
    • You have a lot of employee turnover

    If you feel that any of those indicators apply to you, then contact us today and we can help answer your questions and evaluate if you need help with your HR.


  • I already have an HR department, do I really need your services too?

    Everybody’s needs are different, and every staff member’s expertise when it comes to filling those needs varies.  There are a lot of tasks that go into managing your HR at your company – and as your company grows, so do your tasks and responsibilities.

    Even though your staff may very qualified to handle the tasks they’re given – they can benefit from the additional knowledge, training, resources, and staffing that they can get from an outside HR company like EBS.

    We make sure that our services compliment and enhance those already in place in your HR team and we fill in the gaps where we’re needed most.  This allows your in-house HR team to focus on the responsibilities that matter most to them, while still making sure all of your needs are met.

  • What can I expect if I hire you? What are the first steps?

    When we go to work for you, the first steps will centered around assessing your goals and challenges, and then developing a plan of action to help you achieve those goals in a timely fashion.

    We conduct a comprehensive Human resource compliance audit in order to identify areas that need immediate attention as well as identify industry “best practices” in human resources, that save both time and money for your organization.

    Depending on the services you hired us for, we might be taking a look at:

    • Employee retention rates
    • State and Federal compliance concerns
    • Employee onboarding processes
    • Employee claims – such as harassment claims
    • Employee training programs
    • Wellness initiatives
    • Documentation
    • Wage & Salary Administration programs
    • Employee Benefits Packages
    • Organizational processes that can be optimized

    Basically – we look at ways we can take care of your people, so that you can take care of your business.


  • What do Outsourced HR Consultants Do?

    While we offer a wide range of services to our clients, they all center around helping you offload time-consuming administrative tasks onto our team so we can take care of your people and let you spend your time taking care of your company.

    Whether you choose to outsource your entire HR department, or just a few of the HR tasks you have, an HR firm like EBS can help.  Some of the tasks that outsourced HR companies like us can perform for you are:

    • Creating Employee Handbooks and related policy documentation
    • Creating and administering employee onboarding and training programs
    • Create and administer employee benefits programs
    • Oversee recruiting, hiring, and firing process and screen candidates
    • Make sure you’re compliant with federal and state regulations
    • Simplify business processes
    • Supplement your internal HR staff if you have one
    • and so many other services
  • What Does Outsourced HR Cost

    I hate vague answers as much as the next person… but it really does depend on a few different factors.

    Our services are custom-tailored to meet your needs.  When we are determining a price, we will evaluate:

    • How often you need us on-site… daily, just a few hours a week, or as-needed
    • Which of our services do you need to utilize
    • How much time will it take our consultants to implement the scope of work
    • What specific resources or skills will be required
    • The size and number of locations your company has

    We’d be happy to meet with you and give you a proposal though.  Just Contact Us