Organization Development

Chattanooga is growing and changing rapidly… and the companies in and and around it are feeling those changes.  New companies are starting up, and existing companies are expanding, reaching into new markets, and hiring new employees.

This means that organizational development is becoming a necessity to keep companies thriving, and we’re here to help you with that.  Because we aren’t employed inside your company, we have several advantages over an internal HR team.  Our independence, objectivity, perspective, and expertise help to keep you on track.

Organizational development covers a wide variety of issues depending on the company, but most successful organizational development plans include the following elements:

  • A process of assessing an organization, in order to plan needed changes
  • Strategic Business Planning which develops ideas, strategies, and techniques that help an organization manage change
  • A process, including manuals, policies and procedures, forms, and programs that effectively communicate company objectives
  • A method for implementing change and strategies for dealing with issues
  • A way of identifying the corporate culture and business style
  • A Performance Management process for improving the effectiveness of the organization
  • A technique that can spotlight areas that need improvement & implementing changes in a logical, effective way
  • A company wide communication program
  • A program for building trust & team spirit among all levels of individuals
  • Training Programs that adequately prepares employees for their employment experience
  • An effective management development program that encourages competency and growth from within the organization
  • Because human resources professionals do not always have a comprehensive background in organizational development, many companies look outside for a consultant to assist their human resource staff. The role of an outside consultant as a change agent has several advantages: independence, objectivity, perspective, and expertise.