On-Site Wellness Clinic

With US Healthcare costs continuing to spiral upward, and employer premium’s increasing every year, you have to find ways to reduce your costs without risking the health and well-being of your employees.

Our team has developed a first-class Onsite Wellness Program that helps you meet your goals.  This program helps to address chronic diseases that impact health and cause an increase in employee claims.

For Every 100 people…

  • 68 do not have regular physical activity
  • 59 are overweight or obese
  • 34 have high cholesterol
  • 26 have high blood pressure
  • 25 smoke 17 binge drink
  • 10 have depression
  • 9 have diabetes
  • 8 have had a heart attack or a stroke
  • 6 are chronic drinkers

How many of each of these do you have in every 100 members of your employee population, and how much are they costing your health plan?

By reducing these illnesses, and helping your staff manage their health, we can help reduce your health plan costs while improving employee health and morale.

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