Labor Law Compliance

Compliance is more than hanging up the latest Labor Law poster. Just deciphering and keeping up with changes of federal labor laws can be difficult – COBRA, HIPAA, FLSA, ADA, FMLA – so we understand how trying to comply with these and other HR labor laws can become downright overwhelming. If you’re swimming in the alphabet soup of federal statutes and you feel like you’re in over your head, remember just three letters: EBS.

Our experienced human resource professionals understand the nuances of federal and state labor laws, so they can help your company decode them and expertly execute procedural tasks surrounding government compliance. With EBS managing your HR labor law and HR compliance, you can rest assured that your employees are afforded the protection of federal laws, and that you are protected from the risk of Human Resources non-compliance.

Smaller companies, and their employees, can also benefit from a partnership with EBS. In the case of companies with fewer employees, workers often do not receive protections under the alphabet soup of federal statutes, such as ADEA or FMLA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Family and Medical Leave Act, respectively).