How Big Does My Company Need to Be Until I Need HR

This is one question that I get asked all the time, and the answer usually surprises everyone.

If you have even one employee, then you are already doing some of the tasks that make up Human Resources… so you already have HR.

So, a better question might be “When do I need someone dedicated to HR duties?”  Let’s take a look…

managingA really good indicator that you’re ready to get some help with HR is if you (or someone on your team) is spending enough time on HR related tasks that it’s interfering with you running your business.

HR tasks can include things like:

  • Payroll
  • Recruiting & Orienting New Employees
  • Writing Job Descriptions
  • Tracking Attendance
  • Establishing Written Policies
  • and Managing Employee Benefits

It can be tempting to push these tasks off onto an Office Manager or Administrative Assistant, but that’s not the best course of action.

Even though they are usually very organized and assist you with a lot of your other administrative tasks, they aren’t trained in all the legalities and hurdles that come with having employees.  They can, however, be a great asset to your HR professional since they are very familiar with the day-to-day operations of the company and your team.

HR personnel are specially trained, certified, and experienced to help you keep you attract and retain top talent, reduce administrative overhead, and all while protecting your bottom line and reputation.

Once you’re ready to hire someone to help you, the next big decision you face is whether you should outsource some, or all, of your HR responsibilities, or if you should hire someone internally to manage them.

We have some useful tips that can help you with that decision too: Should I Outsource or Hire a Human Resources Professional

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