What do Outsourced HR Consultants Do?

While we offer a wide range of services to our clients, they all center around helping you offload time-consuming administrative tasks onto our team so we can take care of your people and let you spend your time taking care of your company.

Whether you choose to outsource your entire HR department, or just a few of the HR tasks you have, an HR firm like EBS can help.  Some of the tasks that outsourced HR companies like us can perform for you are:

  • Creating Employee Handbooks and related policy documentation
  • Creating and administering employee onboarding and training programs
  • Create and administer employee benefits programs
  • Oversee recruiting, hiring, and firing process and screen candidates
  • Make sure you’re compliant with federal and state regulations
  • Simplify business processes
  • Supplement your internal HR staff if you have one
  • and so many other services