What can I expect if I hire you? What are the first steps?

When we go to work for you, the first steps will centered around assessing your goals and challenges, and then developing a plan of action to help you achieve those goals in a timely fashion.

We conduct a comprehensive Human resource compliance audit in order to identify areas that need immediate attention as well as identify industry “best practices” in human resources, that save both time and money for your organization.

Depending on the services you hired us for, we might be taking a look at:

  • Employee retention rates
  • State and Federal compliance concerns
  • Employee onboarding processes
  • Employee claims – such as harassment claims
  • Employee training programs
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Documentation
  • Wage & Salary Administration programs
  • Employee Benefits Packages
  • Organizational processes that can be optimized

Basically – we look at ways we can take care of your people, so that you can take care of your business.