How do I know if I need help with HR?

Everybody’s needs are a little different.  We work with a wide variety of companies, from just a couple of employees up to thousands.  Some have internal HR staff on-site already, others don’t have anyone trained in HR in their company at all.

Some key indicators that you might need to look at getting some help though, are:

  • You feel like you are spending more time setting policies and dealing with employees than you spend running your company
  • You have staff (like an office manager) that’s not trained in HR tasks performing HR duties
  • You worry whether or not you are meeting state and federal regulations
  • You know your company is growing – and that means you’re supposed to have things like New Employee Handbooks, but you don’t know where to start
  • You are concerned about all the changes to the Affordable Care Act and how they affect you
  • You pay high amounts in employee insurance claims
  • Your employees are filing harassment claims
  • You don’t have a process to screen, hire, & onboard new employees
  • You don’t have a formalize complaint process in place for employees
  • You have a lot of employee turnover

If you feel that any of those indicators apply to you, then contact us today and we can help answer your questions and evaluate if you need help with your HR.